Data Centre Cooling Solutions

Commonly referred to as Computer Room Air-Conditioning units or CRAC units, and it’s vital the correct solution is specified on day 1 to cater for low, medium and high density server loads with maximum resilience, efficiency and scalability.

Data Centre Cooling Solutions

Down Flow Data Centre Cooling

Down flow CRAC units work on the basis of air temperature density and how they interact with each other.As cold air is denser it sinks below the hot air, and as the hot air is removed, the cold air rises to replace it, taking the heat from the servers.

Direct Cabinet Data Centre Cooling

Direct cabinet data centre cooling involves placing the cooling units between two server cabinets, with the fans directing the cold air to both cabinets. This data centre cooling solution ensures consistent cooling for the entire cabinet height, eliminating hot spots within the racks.

Rear Door Data Centre Cooling

Rear door data centre cooling solutions connect onto the back of your server racks, delivering cold air directly into your cabinet. This method of data centre cooling is extremely efficient, making it a perfect choice for Blade or high performance clusters.