Data Centre Construction Services

Over the last several years we have successfully developed our Data Centre Construction Solutions, providing data centre construction services to include Europe & UK. Whether your business requires expansion of your data centre beyond its existing capacity, renovation of its infrastructure or set up a completely new data centre, we have the data centre construction services to fit any need.  Have over 25 years’ experience in building and construction of data centres. We have a holistic understanding of the entire data centre construction process and are experts in understanding exact client requirements. Throughout the many years of working in the IT and data centre construction design sector, the team will be able to assist our clients to deliver a fully functional data centre, with enhanced resilience and energy efficiency and the best possible up-time, whilst staying within the financial budgets and time constraints. Our capabilities and proficiency allows us to provide customised solutions for any specific need in data centre construction such as;

  • Infrastructure Concepts
  • Detailed Data Centre Construction Designs
  • Application Planning
  • Tendering
  • Direct Installation 
  • Maintenance 
  • Handover and Testing
  • Data Centre Construction Consultancy
Data Centre Construction Services

Data centre construction clients are assigned a full- time project manager and site supervisor giving access to a single point of contact for the duration of the process, to make sure we give full support and answer any questions in regards to your data centre construction enquiries. Our result-oriented data centre construction services are divided into four major phases – Planning, Design, Construction and Certification. We perform full technical design specifications, project management, supervision and fully managed maintenance packages. Every project with Unigulf comes with a thorough understanding of our client's business. We call this a 'Requirement Analysis' where we find the perfect solution for you. Answering questions such as; "What are your data centre construction requirements?" "Are you hosting services?" and "What type of information is being stored?" helps us find the right data centre construction solution or you.