Data Centre & Server Room Monitoring

Our specialist team of installers have extensive knowledge of server room environmental monitoring systems and their installation, and can seamlessly integrate our range into your existing data centre to ensure your assets are fully protected. 

Data Centre & Server Room Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Our range of environmental monitoring systems allow you to monitor the critical power, cooling systems, temperature, and humidity of your data centre. You can receive remotely managed alerts and logging capabilities via the web page alert and software interfaces. The network management software supports S.N.M.P and M.I.B. architecture, Email, SMS, voice dialler, audible alert. Our services also include complete design specification and installation carried out by our trained environmental monitoring systems technicians, providing you with the piece of mind that your server room monitoring system is watching and protecting your infrastructure at all times.

I.P Fixed And Wireless Addressable Metering

Monitoring power consumption is becoming a mandatory regulation for data centre and server room environments. Intelligent metering, either basic or I.P. based, will assist with reducing overall consumption. Fixed metering systems utilise Mod bus or I.P. based technologies that connect into the local LAN. Wireless based metering technologies are an ideal solution to reduce costly installation when the location of power supplies and PDU's are difficult to reach to due lengthy cable runs.

Trending & Diagnostic Software

All power metering solutions come with a software dashboard that will provide detailed real time trending of kWh, C02 and PUE or DCiE. Solutions include bespoke platforms with no ongoing licence fee's and cloud based solutions.