Data Centre Audit & Risk Review

Our specialist team of data centre audit consultants will analyse the hardware and environment of your data centre, highlighting any points of failure and potentially damaging risks. These will be compiled into a detailed report, along with our professional recommendations. 

Our data centre audit and risk review highlights possible weaknesses in your electrical and mechanical infrastructure. This will help you to avoid any costly services outages and unplanned downtime to IT services that could affect your service level agreements.

Our data centre audit findings are documented in a professional, detailed report, including recommendations for making improvements to mitigate potential risks.

Our audit solutions and risk review analyses the condition of your facility, identifying security issues and any points of failure within the power and cooling systems. 

Our audits can also include thermal imaging surveys to identify possible hot and cold spots within the mechanical and electrical systems. Additional services include CFD (Computational Thermal Dynamic) checks of your data centre and hardware.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Data Centre Audit And Risk Review; Introduction and objectives, Management summary, Buildings and premises, Security & access control, Analysis of UPS, generator, and electrical systems, Analysis of cooling & mechanical systems , Data connectivity, Data centre audit and risk review findings and Professional Recommendations.

Data Centre Audit & Risk Review