High Density Data Centre

High Density Data centres that use higher amounts of power in a compact in-house setup can offer your business and customers a better deal. If a high density data centre can pack more power efficiently into the same space then they can have more clients in the same space - this helps with the high density data centre's cost for buying or renting more space. 

The efficiency of a high density data centre setup also helps lower overall costs. The more compact the set up is the easier the IT infrastructure is to manage. This saves the high density data centre both time and money which will result in your business saving money also. 

Even though a high density data centre rack will consume more power and will need possibly more cooling that a lower density rack, you will need fewer racks. This will also save on costs and maintenance. 

A high density data centre is the current and future of data centres in many ways. The amount of data everyone uses today is vastly more than it was a decade ago - and this increase in data will only continue. 

For any company to be able to keep up with storing this amount of data also being able to offer storage in some cases, they will need to use a high density data centre. This also means that data centres need to make sure they need to upgrade to high density racks if they haven't already. 

High Density Data Centre

What You'll Get 

Following an initial high density data centre design, build consultation and no obligation site survey, our award-winning team of high density data centre consultants will provide you with initial designs, proposals, and pricing for approvals. This is then followed up with detailed designs, performance specifications and quotations prior to works commencing. 

We work with our clients, and not for them, and offer complete transparency with all aspects of the high density data centre design and build package. Our high density data centre experts ensure you get the right solution for your needs and budget, alongside detailed analysis of energy usage and ongoing proactive maintenance.


Our High Density Data Centre Solutions


  • Feasibility study and design workshop to highlight drivers and constraints
  • Full designs, construction drawings and programme for approval

  • Evaluation and design analysis, budget costing and ROI models
  • First stage layout designs and specifications for planning applications
  • Health and safety site files, notification of F10 and CDM co-ordination
  • Designated high density data centre project manager as your single point of contact
  • Fully integrated and witness testing schedule with load banks
  • Handover training, operation manuals and on-going support for your high density data centre.