Data Centre Capacity Planning

Our team of data centre capacity planning experts will conduct a full analysis of your data centre hardware and equipment, and will highlight any vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems. 

During any data centre works, your facilities may be taking on strain due to additional hardware and traffic. This could result in potential unplanned downtime, creating an unproductive and frustrating environment for your team and staff.

During our data centre capacity planning survey, we’ll examine your data centre and talk to you about:

  • Your data centre strategy
  • The deployment of your server equipment
  • Any company mergers that have taken place / are taking place
  • Consolidation of data centres

 We’ll also discuss any new requirements you may have. For example, the deployment of blade servers, HPC (High Performance Clusters), NettApps, SANs and other proprietary cabinets, as these higher density systems demand far more power and cooling requirements. We'll factor these into our data centre capacity planning report, so you can ensure your facility is prepared for all upgrades.

Having been to site, we’ll then produce a data centre capacity planning report. Put simply, this will tell you how much capacity you have in your power and cooling infrastructure. The report will include anecdotal and statistical findings.

We’ll also offer advice and solutions regarding how to make improvements if our data centre capacity planning report reveals areas of concern. It may be that we recommend minor changes, or we might recommend moving your data centre to new premises to secure more space. In which case we can also determine the suitability of an identified location or building before you make a large capital investment.

If required we can also install data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software to monitor your data centre in real time, over a period of months, to track how your facilities are working and how much power you have left over time.

Data Centre Capacity Planning