Data Centre Site Selection

Our data centre site selection survey can highlight the true potential of a site. As well as other factors, we’ll examine and report on the capacity for the incoming building services (such as power and fibre connectivity) that are required for your new data centre. 

Our data centre site selection survey is a cost effective way of determining the suitability of an identified location or building before considering a large capital data centre investment. We will carry out a full suitability report, showing our findings, recommendations, and conclusions. 

With our data centre site selection survey you’ll have all the information you need to decide on the purchase of premises or commitment to a lengthy business lease. Alongside the building services, we will also review and comment on the basic fabric and construction of the building you have in mind. 

This would typically include assessing the suitability of surrounding areas, such as available space, security and access. We’ll also examine any other constraints that may adversely affect the surrounding environment, or impose restrictions or possible rejection of a planning application required for a data centre facility. 

Data Centre Site Selection

Our data centre site selection service would also include working with the local electrical network provider on HV networks, planning consent and applications for external plants, acoustics, environmental reports, and fibre connectivity feasibility studies.

What You Can Expect From Our Data Centre Site Selection Survey:

Introduction and objectives, Management summary, Geographic, Roads, Rail, & Airports, Flood & COMAH risks, Buildings & premises, Construction Factors, HV & LV Power, Fibre connectivity, Environmental impact, Conclusions & budget pricing.