Our Fire Suppression Systems

The decision to install data centre fire suppression systems is generally driven to protect sensitive data contained on hardware and to satisfy insurance requirements. 

Following a site survey, we will ensure the integrity of the environment is sufficient to provide the required retention time for your chosen data centre fire suppression systems. Other considerations include damper mechanisms, fresh air supplies, extract systems, connection to house alarms and EPO plant shutdowns, on-going maintenance and customer training these are all important factors in fire suppression systems.

With our vendor neutrality, we provide impartial advice on the best agents and detection systems for your data centre fire suppression systems, and our team of specialists have extensive knowledge of fire suppression systems and their installation, ensuring your data centre is fully protected. Contact us to find out how our fire suppression systems can help you and your business!

Our Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression

There are a number of different data centre fire suppression systems available;

  • FM200                         
  • Novec                       
  • CO2  
  • Inergen 
  • IG55
  • Water Mist                      

We will advise you on the best fire suppression systems for your facility, as well as a fully certified design & installation service, room integrity testing, and commissioning of both conventional and analogue addressable fire panels.


Redetec data centre fire suppression systems are 19” in-rack mounted fire suppression systems, using a choice of NOVEC or FM200 extinguishing agent. The 2U unit sits at the top of your server cabinet and monitors the air for the presence of smoke. If a fire is detected, the unit will flood the cabinet with the bottles of fire suppression extinguishing agent contained within. 

Aspiration & VESDA Systems

These fire suppression systems constantly sample and monitor the air within the protected area, and can detect a minor component failure before a fire. We offer a fully certified design & installation service and commissioning of both conventional and analogue addressable aspiration and fire suppression systems.

Fire Suppression Systems
Throughout the 25 years of work we have built great partnerships with fire suppression systems experts specialising in the design, service, sales, maintenance, fabrication and installation of fixed fire suppression systems.