Container Data Centre

A container data centre is typically used to upgrade your existing capacity when a new design and build project may not be feasible. With their secure access control and weatherproofing construction, our container data centre solutions can be rapidly deployed and positioned anywhere on site, and once powered are ready to host your network and servers.  

A container data centre can also be deployed as a temporary solution to host your servers while your main facility undergoes refurbishment or expansion, and work as a valuable backup for your disaster recovery plan (DRP), so that if a disaster does occur at your main site, your container data centre, acting like a co-lo, ensures your data is unaffected.

The benefits of our container data centre solutions include:

Low to very high density server requirements supported

  • A secure and expandable container data centre design
  • Multiple vendor and bespoke container data centre design solutions available to the latest design standards and best practice recommendations
  • A efficient container data centre solution for disaster recovery requirements
  • Exemption from full planning applications
  • Quick deployment to all locations.
  • Legally road transportable due to the 8ft width container data centre
Container Data Centre

What You'll Get
We offer a wide range of container data centre services, whether you require an "off the shelf" or more bespoke option, we can help. Our container data centre solutions are all 8 ft wide, and are available in either 10ft or 20ft long options. They are perfect for any sized requirements as they can support from between a few low density cabinets all the way up to very high density multi-vendor server environments.