Water Leak Detection

Even a small water leak in your data centre can cause huge damage if it gets into your systems, causing downtime and a large repair cost. It will also increase the risk of an electrical fire, so its damage can be twofold.

Our range of data centre water leak detection solutions are designed to mitigate those risks. Our team of engineers can install water leak detection systems for your data centre with zero interruption to your everyday work. 

Easy to install into a new data centre or retrofit into an existing server room, water leak detection systems are an often overlooked piece of equipment that can save you from expensive downtime and repair costs. 

Our data centre water leak detection systems are specifically designed to protect areas that are most sensitive to water leaks and humidity, as any introduction of moisture will increase humidity levels. Once the water leak detection wires detect moisture, an alarm will sound to alert you of the problem.

For larger sites, we also offer addressable water leak detection units, the affected zone highlighting on the control panel, allowing for swift rectification. 

Whilst mains powered, many of our water leak detection units also include their own backup power supply, allowing up to 72 hours standby in the event of a mains failure, continuing to monitor your data centre or server room for moisture. 

Water Leak Detection