Data Centre Generators

A data centre standby diesel generator is an often overlooked, but essential piece of equipment to ensure the maximum up time of your data centre in the event of blackout. 

Data centre, server & computer room standby generators must be sized to meet the final day load. Allowance must be made both for the starting currents of the equipment installed, as a generator will only take a 70% maximum single step load. The nature of an IT load will see more harmonics even with harmonic filtering on the UPS.

Data Centre Generators

Open & Canopied Generators 

A standby diesel generator with a bunded fuel tank can run your data centre for 8hrs at full load, with larger fuel tanks available if needed. Close fit canopies are also available to reduce noise levels by up to 65db from 1m. Our Data Centre Generator sets include fuel monitoring and anti-vandal systems. 

Installing a diesel generator for your data centre will require planning consent in the form of a planning application to your local authority, and notifications to the local energy supplier may also be required.

Generators & Change Over Panels

Changeover or Transfer panels will also be required to support the generator. Changeover, transfer panels or AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) automatically switches between the mains supply and generator when mains failure is detected, typically with 10 seconds.