Data Centre Thermal Imaging Survey

As density increases so does heat dissipation within a data centre or server room environment. Periodic thermal imaging inspections are crucial to ensure maximum resilience and continuity for IT services. We’ll carry out an initial free of charge survey to assess your facilities infrastructure, where we will identify known hot spot areas such as cooling airflow, electrical cabling and mechanical compressors prior to our thermal imaging survey.

Depending on the overall size and complexity of your data centre, our data centre thermal imaging survey requires a day on-site with our thermal imaging specialist. Data centre thermal imaging survey cameras and instruments will take high definition photos which are collated, downloaded and analysed to create a detailed report providing our findings, expert recommendations and conclusions.

Data Centre Thermal Imaging Survey

Data Centre Thermal Imaging Overview
Here’s a brief overview of the elements we review as part of our data centre thermal imaging survey:

  • Complete granular data trending for facility and asset managers
  • Temperature anomalies of electrical infrastructure
  • Temperature anomalies of mechanical components
  • Issues with data centre cooling systems supply and return airflow
  • Densely populated server cabinets and equipment
  • The Benefits of Our Thermal Imaging Survey

The benefits include:

  • Quickly diagnosed problems on-screen with HD images
  • Eliminated air flow and re-circulation issues
  • Detection of thermal overloading within power cabling and terminations
  • Long-term analysis – uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues
  • A cost-effective solution compared with CFD modelling software