Electrical Installation

Consideration must be given to future expansion and the ability to add additional UPS and cooling systems safely without the need for lengthy downtime should be factored into the initial design.

Electrical Installation

Switch Gear

Our data centre electrical installation team supply and install bespoke and standard switch gears incorporating intelligent metering units, as is now required by Part L building codes. Our switch gears are fully maintainable and will be installed so they are easily accessible, and designed to support additional circuits for future expansion. 

Our electrical installation designs work to current standards, and our fully qualified, NIC approved experienced data centre electrical installation team have an excellent understanding of working constraints and potential risks when undertaking an electrical installation .

Resilient Power

When engaging in a data centre electrical installation, it is important to build in resilience and redundancy, from the transformer all the way through to the cabinets, A & B supplies, and PDU's. The power supplies we use in the electrical installation of your IT cabinets include 16amp & 32amp SPN (single phase) and TPN (three phase).