Edge Data Centre

The Advantages Of A Edge Data Centre

It is said that edge computing is the future of data centres. The ability to quickly and securely process vast amount of data as well as reach hubs of end users and workers that are distributed globally is a great asset for companies. Especially if they are looking to extend their opportunities beyond their current data centre's walls. The benefits of moving to edge data centres are extensive to say the least, from reduced costs, efficiency to bandwidth suitability. 

Our Edge Data Centre Solutions

We will provide you with an initial consultation to establish your current IT load, capacity, prospects and any other bespoke services you may require. Once we have reached an agreement, our specialist team will begin the edge data centre design process, considering each unique aspect relevant to your business, whilst providing opportunity for your input whenever necessary.

Following on from edge data centre design completion, and if you are happy with the results, we will move to initiate the build process of your edge data centre.

Depending on the size and scope of your edge data centre build, we can guarantee the project will be fully completed within our 6 weeks build period, with any further maintenance to be provided upon request.  

Edge Data Centre

What You'll Get With Our Edge Data Centre Solutions

  • Cutting edge data centre consultancy aiming to provide you with bespoke services and solutions

  • Unprecedented communication throughout the entirety and afterlife of the edge data centre project – from initiation to life cycle maintenance

  • A highly experienced and qualified team specialising in AutoCAD design

  • 25+ years combined experience in edge data centre design, build and certification

  • Industry standard edge data centre designs

  • A fully functional and comprehensive edge data centre build aimed to meet your exact business requirements.