Data Centre Design & Build Solutions

one-stop data centre design and build solutions provider with an eye for detail and outstanding customer service. With more than 25 years of experience in data centre design & build, customers new and old return to us time after time, due to our high levels of expertise, efficiency, and knowledge of data centre design & build. We cater to all aspects of mission critical IT environments with products and a service that is second to none. 

Our data centre designs are structured around our core ideals of delivering first class, highly resilient that are also energy efficient. We endeavour to reduce annual energy consumption and create more energy efficient IT environments with low power usage effectiveness (PUE).

From the early stages of our data centre design and build projects, capital allowances, ROI investment models, designing and supporting high density server infrastructures and migration projects, we are here to advise and support you throughout the data centre design and build process.

Data Centre Design & Build Solutions

Our data centre design and build team are highly driven and experienced industry professionals, dedicated in providing you with a fully encompassing service from the offset and throughout. We specialise in providing unparalleled flexibility and adaptability when delivering your data centre design and build project; taking into account the size and scope of your IT environment, we will continuously strive to match your unique requirements and data centre design & build specifications throughout the duration of the project.

Our Approach To Data Centre Design & Build
We will assess your unique requirements and specifications to develop a powerful and invested data centre design and build solution that matches your business needs. Once you are happy with the data centre design specifications we will waste no time in initiating your data centre design & build project. We will approach your project with the same integrity and drive no different to any other, big or small, providing you with a fully integrated experience relevant to your business. Once the data centre design and build project has been completed and you are satisfied with the results, if required we will continue to provide our services post project with our bespoke maintenance services and further development or innovation for your build.

What We Do
Our data centre design and build engineers collectively hold over 25 years of experience, and have continued to maintain a proactive approach in upholding and developing the necessary skills required for this evolving industry.