Server Room Construction

No two server room construction projects are the same. There are endless variations of layouts, UPS setup, Cooling Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Security Systems and other elements that can be applied and all need to be exactly matched to client requirements. 

The best approach for your server room construction project will depend upon an number of factors that could include the requirements of IT equipment, room size, demands in terms of resilience, energy efficiency, expansion and of course budget and time constraints.

Our server room construction experts have other 25 years of experience and able to cater to every aspect of your server room construction. From the initial drawing to rigorous testing with successful delivery on installation. 

From the early stages of our server room construction projects, we are here to help and advise you throughout the server room construction process.

Server Room Construction

What We'll Do

Our server room construction engineers collectively hold over 25 years of experience, and have continued to maintain a proactive approach in upholding and developing the necessary skills required for this evolving industry.  Our server room construction team are highly driven and experienced industry professionals, dedicated in providing you with a fully encompassing service from the offset and throughout.  We specialise in providing unparalleled flexibility and adaptability when delivering your project; taking into account the size and scope of your IT environment, we will continuously strive to match your unique requirements and build specifications throughout the duration of your server room construction project.