Data Centre Cleaning

Your data or server room hardware plays a vital role in the overall business data infrastructure. Keeping all hardware such as servers, racks and other various equipment in good health and in an clean environment is unquestionably a important factor for any business to consider. Dust, dirt and airborne contamination in your IT infrastructure can significantly harm any storage servers and other vital hardware if not professionally maintained and cleaned on time. A well maintained and clean IT infrastructure benefits not only the health of IT hardware but will help decrease downtime thus increasing potential business growth - Choosing our data centre cleaning services would not only maintain your IT infrastructure but also preserve its lifetime! 

Data centre cleaning is a very technical job that requires an professional approach with appropriate equipment, suitable cleaning products and specialist skills. Professional deep data centre cleaning procedures and correct methodology altogether can be tremendously beneficial for your IT environment and devices. 

We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly products and our trained data centre cleaning technicians use innovative techniques to meet or exceed ISO 16444-1 standards when deep cleaning your IT infrastructure. Our data centre cleaning experts are background checked, insured and also health and safety trained to ensure your business is always protected, compliant and provide you with peace of mind during the data centre cleaning process. 

With over 25+ years in the industry, we have built an excellent data centre cleaning reputation in the UK data centre cleaning market built on our commitment, data centre cleaning expertise and access to modern cleaning equipment. Our trusted and reliable comprehensive data centre cleaning services that include both decontamination and consultancy have evidently benefited our customers in both governmental and in the private sector.

Data Centre Cleaning